Keep Austin Weird

“Keep Austin Weird”. That, dear readers, is the “unofficial” city motto. However, you see it everywhere. On T-shirts; signs in store windows; on bumper stickers, and it really is what Austin, Texas is all about.

There’s even a  small museum down town, open till midnight no less, dedicated to weirdness. Russ thinks this is dedicated to him and he’s waiting for the call to be offered the key to the city!!!!IMG_20160127_131623481_HDR




This is the funkiest town we’ve ever stayed in and we’re loving it. And the creativity extends right into the residential areas. Just around the corner from where we’re staying, a small, duplex apartment complex proves my point.


The garage door




The front entrance

The decorations on the fence and trees give us quite a chuckle too!

The weather, since we arrived, has been generally in the mid to high 20s (Celcius) and sunny. If fact, most of the time it’s been blue skies, with not a cloud to be seen. Perfect for golf and sightseeing. Last night was the first time we’ve had rain since we’ve been here, and that’s been 54 days!

Here are some of the things we’ve done since we arrived. We’ve been to San Antonio (an hour’s drive from Austin) and visited The Alamo.


The church at The Alamo

It’s right slap bang in the middle of historic San Antonio, which surprised us. We expected it to be in the middle of nowhere. A large portion of the site (which is surprisingly small)  has been re-constructed, although the church building featured here is mostly original.



And while in San Antonio, you cannot leave without eating somewhere along the River Walk. A two minute stroll from The Alamo,  it’s “The Happening Place” to be, be seen and be cool!

And we’ve also been sightseeing in the Hill Country around Austin. Lockhart, Blanco, Dripping Springs – small towns  which really remind me of the towns featured in Westerns.

And Austin funkiness extends out that way too – in Wimberley they get a kick out of displaying cowboy boots as street decor!

Did you know there are a number of wineries in the Hill Country? And the number of local brewers in this part of Texas is astounding. Their beer is the best beer we’ve ever tasted in the USA (and possibly anywhere else) by far! Well, when a beer called Devil’s Backbone has 8.1% alcohol by volume, compared to, say,  Yuengling (USA)  or Heineken (Dutch) which have 5.4%, that would explain quite a bit!

We have been to the movies (saw Tarantino’s  The Hateful Eight, which is violent to the extreme (not surprising), but not very good!). We’ve been to the theatre (saw The Improvised Shakespeare Company – absolutely hilarious), and, yes, we’ve been to Austin City Limits to an awards show inducting Texas songwriters in to the Hall of Fame. Great music, great fun.

wp-1456249364056.jpg                 wp-1456249428295.jpg

And here’s Russ, with Willie Nelson.    wp-1456249395030.jpg

Now, of course, we can’t wait till March and the South by Southwest Music Festival. Over 2,000 bands from all over the world play here over a two week period. There is music in every bar, restaurant, and on the street corners. Here, the city really lives up to its official motto which is the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

However, we prefer KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD! And on that note, I’ll leave you, as I have to have lunch!!