This is just a fun travel blog about the places I go to with my husband, Russell, and the things we see and do. I hope you enjoy reading it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Julia & Russell,
    Love reading your blog, sounds like you are having a wonderful time!
    Kelly has done a beautiful job decorating your front porch for Christmas, very festive!!
    Russell looks very relaxed in his new lounger, we guess that that is often the assumed position!!
    Take care of yourselves, bye for now and Happy Hols! love Carole, Brad & the Girlies!!!! xo

  2. Hi Julia & Russell,

    Belated Happy New Years to you both. Hope all is well and that you are having a blast!
    Did you receive the last message I sent Dec 12th? Not sure if you did, we might be doing something wrong this end? Anyway, love your blog, the pics are great! We were thinking of you during the Aussie Open, know that your huge tennis fans!!
    All good here, weather really up & down, 15c here today but bitterly cold last week..weird!!
    Had bad colds ect; but over the worst now, just coughing up the occasional lung!!
    BFN Take care luv Carole, Brad & Co. 🙂

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