A short blog on our short stay in an Australian caravan park

Welcome to Bays Holiday Park in Salamander Bay, NSW., where, as you can see, even the koalas have a good time! img_20170108_154450533

We have two more days to spend here before moving in to Robyn and Brian’s home with enclosed patio, and golf course views.

How did we end up here, you ask? Well, Robyn and Brian needed their home for a month over the December holidays for family visits and the suchlike. So they very graciously kicked us out of their home where we’d been staying for two weeks, and set up their caravan for us. This is the same caravan they will soon travel in for several months, while we move back into their home and just take over! Actually, before moving in to their abode, we will stay a week in Max and Fran’s home, as they will be away and offered us accommodation in exchange for watering their garden. Yes, it’s like musical chairs…. and everyone needs friends like this.

SONY DSCWe are going to enjoy this view from Fran and Max’s living room…

The caravan is quite amazing (well, since we’ve never lived in one before, we are astounded).

Running water. A four burner gas stove with a broiler. An electric convection oven with rotisserie (if you’re feeling inclined to roast a chicken on a spit). A Rolls Royce of a coffee machine. Microwave. Fridge. Deep sink (so the dishwasher (!!!) can wash up after meals). Toilet and shower. Washing machine. Television. Solar panels. Dining area. Queen size bed. We are almost, but not quite, convinced we could actually do a camping vacation one day (a short one). This idea will be revisited at a future date.

The Bays is a pretty neat camp site/holiday village. Including the impromptu visit from the local koalas (wild, not tame), there is a really nice pool, kitchen (for those who live in tents and don’t have the same facilities as us privileged people in caravans do, a Mini Golf, a large outdoor chess set, a play area for kids and a 10 pm curfew on noise which everyone seems to obey, so falling asleep is no problem.

It’s a popular campground. Over the December holidays it was packed to the gills. Not a centimeter of free space to be camped on. Quite an experience.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. When we arrived, we bought an inexpensive (i.e. cheap!) second-hand car, with the agreement the garage will buy it back from us when we leave. img_20170108_125720240_hdrSo, our entire home for the past three weeks, including our clothes line, our car and the view of someone else’s tent and portable shower, has looked like this. We even have an awning to sit under when it rains!

A quick update on some of our activities…. We celebrated my 60th birthday at Tess and Fred’s lakeside party which fell on the same day. They live on the golf course, and so do all the guests, as you can see from the parking lot!

We had a Golf Club members’ Christmas dinner. In the past month we’ve had dinners with Di and Rod, Lesley and Gerald, Jane and John, Fran and Max, Jo and Tom, Val and Laurie, and Bernice and Kevin (and have deliberately avoided using the bathroom scale). More dinners are planned. We’ve played golf (some games have been worse than others!!!). We have yet to go to the beach (just can’t find the time) and go fishing. When we do, and if we catch something edible, you’ll be updated!

Like the title said, this is a short blog, especially as we are off to dinner. Yet again!

For those in the northern hemisphere, keep warm. The rest of us will just crank up our air conditioners!!!


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