We prepare to head south, and other stories

It’s been six months since we got back from Australia, and have had a very busy Canadian summer.

Most importantly, we finally got the whole condo painted (well, I painted while Russ was out playing golf and visiting friends. It’s better that way. And… if you remember last year, he did all the hard work renovating the bathrooms, changing all our doors, hanging ceiling fans etc., so he thoroughly deserved a break). I had fallen in love with the grey colour of the walls in the home we stayed in while in Australia, so decided to paint our condo Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, five different shades, but who’s counting? It looks stunning, and my hair colour is starting to blend in!!!!!

We also had a new kitchen counter installed (professionally), Russ installed our new sink and faucet and we shared the work doing the back splash. Oh, I painted all the cabinetry and Russ installed the handles. Looks pretty cool, huh?


We’re now getting ready to head south next weekend for the winter. We are very fortunate indeed to be able to stay for November in our friends’ condo just outside Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Karen and Dan are unable to leave Canada till mid January, so have graciously let us move in. You should all have friends like that! Then, in December we go to Galveston, Texas for a month, then for three months to Austin, Texas. By the time we head home again in April the snow should have melted.

Did I mention my cat, Chocolat, is imagecoming with us on the road trip? When I told her, her reaction left me perplexed. Does she look excited or horrified? Difficult to say….

In the meantime, Russ was roped in to participate in a pool tournament in the condo building (men only, go figure). He was overjoyed when he won his first round, and is just getting over his loss in round two. He’ll be ok in a day or two, don’t worry. That’s him, about to strike the ball, while his opponent Dave looks on.


We continue to play a lot of golf. I won a grand total of $55 (!!!!!) this summer in the ladies’ league. And we continue to enjoy our new life in Kingston, Ontario, and the view from our living room. The sunsets never cease to amaze us.
I know I’ve not posted for a while. This was just so you could catch up with what’s been happening. I will be posting more from the US, especially from Texas, where I expect to become proficient in dancing the Texas Two Step. Must remember to take my jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hat! I’m off to pack!!!!!


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