We go Native, and we visit Tin City

There are no sports fans in the world more fanatical and noisy than Australian Football League fans. The game, also known as Aussie Rules, is a mix of rugby and soccer (I think). Whatever. What I like about it is that the players wear really nice tight shorts and have great bodies.

The opening game of the season was about two weeks ago. We were invited to Di’s and Rod’s place, together with Helen and George. They are all rabid fans of the Sydney Swans. We were there for our initiation. The house is decorated in red and white (yes, you got it, the team colors). The food is red and white. Everyone wears red and white.IMG_20150404_161616221


Even the teddy bear sports the right colors!

We had a grand time, came away quite deaf from all the cheering, and have been converted to (not quite rabid) fans of the Sydney Swans!!!! We even watched the second game of the season last week. We’ve gone native! Feral! IMG_20150411_195938261Gee, those tight shorts are really something!

Then, a few days ago, Max and Fran took us along the beach in their four-wheel drive to visit Tin City. SONY DSC

We stopped off in Anna Bay to get some meat pies for lunch on the beach, let out air from the tires so the car would have enough traction in the sand, and off we went. This beach, just 10 minutes drive from here, is about 40 kilometers long, with almost no one on it. SONY DSC

And behind the beach are miles and miles of sand dunes. It really is spectacular. SONY DSCThe softest sand in the world. Would you believe it’s even exported to Hawaii to keep their beaches looking good? It is, I kid you not.

And, somewhere, right along the beach, is a small community of fishermen, who’ve built shacks from corrugated iron and who seem to live there permanently. They call this place Tin City.SONY DSC

SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCThey’ve got satellite TV antennae, water storage drums and whatever else is needed for their “comfort”. It must be a constant fight, though, to ensure their shacks don’t get buried in the blowing sand! I think they have permission from the Worimi aborigines who own the land, to live there.

Apart from this, we play golf (some days better than others), and are making the most of our last two weeks in Australia before heading back home. Dinner parties, lunches, you name it. I will be playing in a golf tournament in Scone on the weekend, one of three women players representing our golf club (Horizons Golf Resort) in Australia at the Country Cup. It’s a district event in New South Wales, not a real national competition! The name is misleading. There are about 10 clubs competing. May the best team win!!!!

And, to close this update, here’s a photo of an Australian turtle who happened to cross the lawn yesterday. If he looks startled, you should have seen me! Kangaroos I’m used to. Turtles…???SONY DSC


One thought on “We go Native, and we visit Tin City

  1. My goodness, those are teensy weensy shorts. Good reason to watch Aussie rules.
    Can’t believe it’s only 2 more weeks before you’re back on the same continent … even country and time zone. We’re warming up just for you!!
    Enjoy your last couple of weeks full of farewell lunches and dinners and picnics and golf, etc. Sounds like so much fun.
    Good luck in the big tournament!!

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