A Barbie. Karaoke. And a bird or two.

Well. Russ had a birthday. On March 4. Since we’d been to Sunset Beach for the same occasion two years ago with friends, we decided to make this a tradition. The weather cooperated and off we all went! After a drink or two the men took charge, congregated around the barbie and cooked.  SONY DSCIn case you’re wondering, a barbie is not a doll. It’s the Australian term for a BBQ. We all had great fun, good food and, as usual, loads of laughs.And, what an aptly named beach. Just look at the sunset.SONY DSC

Then, a day later, My Friend Di (MFD) coerced me into going to a karaoke bar for dinner and, well, karaoke! Dinner was good. I danced. I did not sing. I was not dressed appropriately. IMG_20150305_215345085You see, you need to be really casual. Baggy shorts and flip flops! I insert a photo to prove my point!

But MFD sang (although I forget what). She opened the evening with Robyn (who is meant to be on a road trip because we are house-sitting for her!!!!). Go girls!!! IMG_20150305_201553862-001

We had a terrific storm here about a week ago. Very heavy rain and incredible wind. A lot of branches came down, and a number of animals found themselves in trouble. I found two little mynah birds who’d been blown out of their nest. image They were strong enough to hop and flutter their wings to get into a small bush, where they perched for five days and nights, while mother mynah fed them. They’ve since flown the coop; left the nest, so to speak; spread their wings.

And, since the last blog, Russ and I have won yet another social golf competition. Our combined earnings from our golf wins to date is $85.00. Does this make us professional golfers now that we are making money from the game? We also won another meat tray in the club raffle! This time I took the pork, since the last time I chose the beef. I really should buy a lottery ticket, now that I think of it. With my lucky streak I could well be the next millionaire!

Enough for now. It’s 4:15pm. Time for my glass of wine. The closing note of this blog is from our resident rosella who visits every evening as the sun goes down. Cheep cheep!SONY DSC


2 thoughts on “A Barbie. Karaoke. And a bird or two.

  1. so enjoyed your birthday piquenique Russell…..cannot believe it is 2 years since …
    as for the karaoke, we sang ‘at seventeen’ janis ian?? badly, but then….it is about the vibe, not the singing necessarily (but i will practice something before the next time!!!)
    It is so wonderful to have you back here…..loving every moment…golf, wildlife and wild life……BONZA!!! xxxx

  2. Lovely e-mail. You and Russ are certainly enjoying life, and I am glad for you. It’s always nice to hear what you are up to. Congratulations on your golf winnings – way to go!!!

    Finally we seem to be having a break in the dreadful Winter weather. February was brutal, but that’ll make Spring all the more welcome and beautiful.

    My good news is that all my doctor appointments, surgeries, tests, are all over with a happy ending. My only appointments now are for check-ups in 3 and 6 months. It is a great relief needless to say. I was in pain, or had doctor appointments and surgeries for 2 years, and now, thank God, the prognosis is good and I am once again a healthy old broad. Also passed my driver’s test – which is now compulsory when you reach 80 years of age. It has to be taken every 2 years – so I am home-free and happy.

    Have been doing some volunteering at Humane Society. Have started walking outside again – hibernated for the winter, and it’s so good to be outside on dry, safe sidewalks again.

    Nieces coming for a visit tomorrow. And today girlfriends and I are out for lunch. There is a fabulous fish restaurant with its own fish market on site. We usually have the Mussels au Pernod.

    Starting to look at seed catalogues, and can’t wait to get out in the garden again.

    John Beddington and I e-mail, and he’ll be coming for coffee in a couple of weeks when he is in Toronto. Haven’t seen him for at least 20 years. It’ll be nice to catch up on his and Roseann’s news.

    Sending you both hugs and love,

    Helen xoxo

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