I win a golf tournament, and other stories

I am sooooooo excited I can hardly contain myself. I won a golf competition at Horizons Golf Resort! 19 women played the Stableford, and I won with 37 points!!!!!!! Here’s proof! SONY DSCAnd here, too, were my witnesses although they don’t seem too impressed.SONY DSC

And then, a week later, I came second in yet another golf competition. Then Russ and I came first in a social golf event, and then we won the raffle and I pick up a meat tray!  Yum!!!

Talk about being lucky….

But let’s start at the beginning. We arrived in Australia on February 6, and spent a few days with Russ’s brother who lives in Coal Point on Lake Macquarie, just outside Toronto (in New South Wales, that is). Then, on February 12, our real vacation started. We moved into Robyn and Brian’s house.

Here’s a photo of the kitchen they renovated recently (we like to think they did it just for us!)


Robyn and Brian were meant to be going away on a four month trip around South Australia, but that got put off for a month. Not to worry (as the Aussies say). They moved into Fay and Bob’s house. Fay and Bob are currently at their other home in Sydney. As you can see, we’ve just invented a new game called musical houses….

So, for the next two months, this is our home away from home and the views we have. Right on the 17th tee of Horizons Golf Resort.  SONY DSC


SONY DSCIt was Brian’s birthday a few days ago. We invited Robyn and Brian back to their own home for a birthday dinner with friends, and a grand old time was had by all. Russ cooked up a spectacular seafood paella. Fresh Australian prawns (that’s what they call shrimp here), topped with the best pieces of blue-eyed cod. After the last guest left at 12:30am, we washed up, went to bed, only to leap out (bleary-eyed) a few hours later to go to coffee at Dave and Inga’s.

Since arriving we’ve played tennis every Sunday morning with the usual suspects; played a lot of golf; had golf lessons; had dinner parties with more to come. I’ve played mahjong. Russ goes to the driving range. We can hardly find the time to relax!

It’s Russ’s birthday on Wednesday. We’re recreating his party from two years ago. A barbeque at Sunset Beach with all our friends. Not too late in the evening though. That’s when the mosquitoes come out to play and they’re not nice!

It’s a hot one today. And, as most mad dogs and Englishmen (or Australians), Russ decided it would be a good idea to let the lawnmower take him for a walk in the midday heat. He was so engrossed I thought he might head across the cart path and continue on the 17th fairway!SONY DSC

So, it’s lunch time now, and I’ll close with a photo of a koala I saw on Saturday on the 5th fairway! Till later! SONY DSC


3 thoughts on “I win a golf tournament, and other stories

  1. WOW! The two of you should enter the Ron Gray tourney this year. I thought you were still in Florida! Please wish Russell an early Happy Birthday!!!! Cheers JR

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