Wrapping up the year

Wrapping up the year? That sounds like a gift that will need to be unwrapped again. Since that’s not possible, we shall move ever onwards and upwards and will look back on 2014 as a wonderful, event-filled year. I like the ring of that. Kind of profound. If you know what I mean.

Now, a number of friends reading this are not on Facebook. For those who are, some of this will be repetitious. Skip those bits, if you must.

We moved into our new home in Kingston in April. A lovely condo, with spectacular views.


A guest bedroom, also with view, is ready and waiting. Please check ahead of time with management for availability as we seem to be rather popular with friends who like to stay over.

We were hard at work, getting settled. imageRuss renovated both bathrooms (he’s the odd-job specialist – and I don’t mean odd, as in strange, although now that you mention it..) …

…and I painted the dining room.image

Ceiling fans were installed, a range hood was put up as well as the back splash behind the stove. All electrical outlets were modernized with new plates and switches. The old doors (really ugly) in the condo were replaced. All this handled most professionally by Russ (the odd guy, in case you’ve forgotten)!!!!!

And with all that going on, we had numerous visits from friends, even found time to play golf, and had a very busy social life. Oh. Let’s not forget those amazing, fun-filled dinner parties!
imageWhat else happened in 2014? Russ went on his annual old-guys golfing trip to Malone in New York State with the usual suspects in July. I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand in October.


Federer is Betterer

Oh – I once again managed the Chairman’s Lounge during the week of the Canadian Open Tennis in August.

Federer even dropped in to say Hi during our staff barbeque.

So,after a busy summer we finally drove south to Florida in November. We left behind this….image

…and arrived to see this…



Yes. I kid you not! A Floridian Christmas tree! You should see the bikes at night. All lit up and quite dazzling, if you ask me.

Then, if course, there’s Charlotte’s Christmas tree. A proper one. Beautifully decorated. A wine theme this year as you can see.


imageWe’re leaving Florida in 10 days, after another incredibly busy social time here, with wine bars, dinner parties, golf, more wine bars, dinner parties and so on…. Back to Canada for three weeks then off to Australia. So 2015 is already promising to be an amazing year too. You’ll get the kangaroo and koala postings, so keep checking in for your “Too Cute” fix.

I’m not sure if this note will get posted before I actually preview it for typos and content (I seem to press the wrong buttons sometimes). If so, a very, very happy New Year to all from Russell and me. Chocolat, of course, in her very best French, wishes you a TRÈS BONNE ANNÉE!




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