Russell goes all Floridian

Only another two weeks and we’ll be making our way back to Canada. Back to a new home in Kingston. Friends – please make sure the weather gets warmer, VERY quickly!

We’ve been busy. Pool parties, golf, (yes, with the alligators)


and wine bars where Sam keeps us dancing in the street…ImageThe usual.

However, Russ has had an epiphany, and has discovered a new meaning to being alive. He now enjoys the rustic life of the angler.


Come on – I just know you’re down there!

Just look at his concentration. The pose. The determined look of he who knows he can do it (with a $25.00 fishing rod from Walmart).This is what Otis Redding sang about in his song: “Fishing on the dock of the bay“….

So far he has not caught anything, and there has not even been a nibble on his bait. That’s obviously because it’s a cheap fishing rod.

We’ve also visited a gun store. They were most accommodating and let me take photos. I guess that’s because the owner of the store is a former Lutheran priest who found another calling (!), and was being kind. SONY DSCHere’s the man, trying out for the title role in a remake of The Sopranos.

We’ve also been to a fun St. Patrick’s day party at Judy and George’s home. We call them The Jettson’s, for obvious reasons. 20140317_194906Here is Sam (our favourite entertainer), with his go-go girls and groupies. Apologies for the grainy photos of the party.

And these are my two favourite leprechauns, Sam and Russ, having a blast with Sheila. They were singing along to something on the TV (“Stop – in the name of love“, I believe). Out of respect for the title of this blog, “Russ goes Floridian”, his T-shirt says “0% 20140317_185133Irish“.

Oh – if you’d like a good laugh – watch the video I took of them!

That’s all for now folks. Enjoy your day!


2 thoughts on “Russell goes all Floridian

  1. She got the price of my fishing rod wrong. It wasn’t $25 at Walmart. It was $12 at the local flea market. Yes, it included the reel, line, hook and floating thing. But it’s obviously a crap thing because I fished for at three or four minutes and never even had a bite! The rest of the stuff is probably true.

  2. Great blog, as usual. Drive with care and we will work on the weather for you. On the 27th we head to New Orleans and then hop a boat to tour several cities before arriving in Memphis where we spend a few days before returning to the snow!!!

    Love and Best Wishes J and P

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