I am most pleased!

First, before I get going on what’s happening in our Floridian life, I have to brag. I broke 100 on the Calusa Lakes Golf Course this week. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!   I ROCK!!!! Now, I have to do it consistently, and then break 90. I have to beat Russell. I just gotta. Just gotta!!!!! Really. Yes. (For my Aussie friends, with my handicap, in a Stableford, that would have been 55 on that course. Not bad, huh? Huh? Yeah.).

And, check out this wildlife on the golf course.  SONY DSC

Compared to kangaroos and koalas, not terribly exotic, but he was certainly curious!

Talking about golf in the USA, look at this. You know those monster trucks you see on TV? They do exist.


Well – look at this golf cart to match! That’s enough to make anyone want to take up the game.ImageOur social life continues to be extremely busy, although we did have a rather embarrassing moment. Invited to a pool party by Mike and Pam, we pitched up last Sunday with our booze and swimsuits, only to find that everyone had already left (we thought). Gracious as ever, Pam and Mike made us feel most welcome. We swam, chatted, drank (of course), and then, when Pam asked if we’d received the invitation for February 16, realized we had the date wrong!!!!! Oops. Russ, of course, apologized profusely and fired his social secretary on the spot! We’re looking forward to the real party this Sunday. I hope we’re still invited.

I finally (after almost a year), got to play Mahjong again last Monday night with Jane, Jean and Irene. Well, I lost $0.60 that night. Russell is horrified at my ruinous gambling addiction, but I promise I’ll make it up next Monday. He, Tim and Derek got to hang out at Tim’s house and watch TV, and this will probably be the standard Monday night ritual till we leave at the end of March.

Venice, Florida has gone funky since we were here two years ago. SONY DSC

The main drag has many creative sculptures dotting the sidewalks, and as you can see, Russ has now found his real porpoise in life.

Only in Venice

(I had to get that pun in, sorry!).

I have just had a well-needed mani-pedi done. Feel great, and will look good for our evening with wine bar buddies at La Dolce Vita. Sam is playing there tonight. Should be fun!

I’ll be back again soon with our updates. Don’t hold your breath, though – it may be a few weeks!


3 thoughts on “I am most pleased!

  1. For the record, Calusa Lakes is a par 72 course, 5197 yards from the red (ladies’) tees, slope rating 119. So, not an executive or par 3 track. And she made three pars on the back nine. Re my alleged horror at the uncontrollable gambling habit, it’s not really that bad. Since her mani-pedi, Julia’s now well-heeled. Apparently they nailed it.

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