Checking in (not out)

It’s me again, with nothing to report, so I’ll just update you with what Russ and I have been up to this past month.

We’re over on the East Coast of Florida, in Hallandale Beach. As in the past, Karen and Dan (friends who also live in Kingston, Ontario but spend the winter in Florida), are on vacation in Costa Rica for the month of January. We house-sit and dog-sit for them. I was a bit nervous this year, as we had to travel with Chocolat (CAT) this year, but…

after two days, DOG and CAT got on famously. Chocolat rules, Willie obeys, and peace (or is that CAT?) reigns in the animal kingdom.

And, here’s the view from their condo, which overlooks the Intra-coastal waterway. You should see some of the private yachts that sail by. Very impressive indeed. It’s lovely sitting on the balcony watching the world cruise by…

We’ve played some golf, and some tennis. We’re not yet ready to compete on the PGA or LPGA tour, nor at Roland Garros or Wimbledon, but we’ll leave that to those who are!

Oh, for those who aren’t on Facebook, I had an upright MRI scan done here in Fort Lauderdale. (Sitting up, instead of the traditional lying down). Had to pay out of my own pocket, but the results came back with rather encouraging news…… I’ll see my doc when we’re back in Canada in April, but I got information that there were a number of issues that might explain the pain I’ve been dealing with for the last 8 years. YAY. It felt like Christmas when I got the news!!!! (There is only one of this particular type of machine in Canada, a four hour flight from Toronto, so it made no sense to do it there).

As usual, we continue to eat like kings. Just recently we’ve cooked mussels in a tomato and fennel broth. Mussels in a Thai coconut curry sauce. Delicious rib-eye steak with caramelised onions and red bell peppers. wpid-20140108_192551.jpg

Baked fish a creamy sauce with roast grape tomatoes and fresh basil. Gosh, it’s only just past breakfast time and my mouth is watering already!

We leave Hallandale on February 2 and drive to Englewood on the West Coast of Florida for two months. We’re actually looking forward to being back there. We’ve got loads of friends, there is so much more to do, we have a wonderfully busy social life with visits to wine bars three times a week, cocktails in the courtyard every afternoon, and it’s so much more laid back. Suits us to a T.

And, February 2 is Superbowl. That, for readers who don’t know anything about American Football, is the day North America stops in its track. Fans throw rowdy Superbowl parties where one devours chips, popcorn, chicken wings, pizza, Kentucky Fried Chicken and any other unhealthy food one can lay one’s hands on. You watch the game on big-screen, high definition TV sets, cheer boisterously for one of the teams, (hopefully yours made it to the finals, but if not, who cares), and drink copious amounts of beer. I usually like to stay home and read a good book. But Russ needs to get to Englewood and to one of those parties with friends, so that’s what we’ll do. I am The Good Wife, yes I am! (Didn’t they make a TV series about me?).

Enough said. Chocolat is waiting for me to get off the chair so she can use it to hop onto the dining room table. She needs her afternoon snack, and the dining room table is the only place we can keep her food without DOG getting to it! Off I go. Till later…. with hopefully more interesting stuff to talk about!


One thought on “Checking in (not out)

  1. Hi You Two:

    What a wonderful life. Sounds like you are dining well, and enjoying same in some nice warm, sunny weather – although I did hear from friends that there was a bit of a cold-snap in Naples, Fla.

    We will be getting two more dumpings of snow and cold in the next two days… Blo…….y depressing!

    I am STILL going to therapy – now only two days a week at the clinic, but have added one day a week of blissful water therapy – about 85 degree water – great at the time, but then the trip back outside to the cold car leaves a lot to be desired. However, there is improvement – had a doctor’s appointment today at 8 a.m. and won’t see him again for 8 weeks – he was pleased.

    Niece Sue was here for a few days from London (Ont.) – and we roasted an 11 pound turkey!!!!!!!!!! I missed out on Thanksgiving AND Christmas with the family where turkey was on the menu. It’s one of my favourite meals, and boy, I have been picking away. Will freeze the rest for sandwiches in a few weeks time. We had some gorgeous steamed black Kale with it. Made a lovely broth yesterday which filled the house with that delightful aroma.

    I am helping another niece, Grace, and her husband buy a house in Cambridge (near Guelph), and the closing is next Wednesday, when I will, once again be staying at the Mohawk Inn…Maybe you have been there to the “trotters” race track nearby.?

    It is very exciting to be part of this very special time in their lives .

    Am dreaming of another vacation, and think maybe two weeks in the Spring. I’d like to go back to Venice – haven’t been there since I was 18 and you can imagine how long ago THAT was. A week there, and another week in Prague where I’ve always wanted to go. They say it is like Paris was in the ’20’s. Just walk, and explore, and sit at cafes and watch the world go by. Surely my knee will be in great shape by then.

    So, that’s about it for today – nothing terribly interesting, but nice to sit for a while and “chat with you”

    Sending you both hugs and xxx’s

    Love, Helen

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