Christmas, a little late

Hello faithful readers. Have you been waiting with bated breath for a new update? Thanks for your patience. I’ve been kinda busy, but you can breath easy now.
You all know that it’s been a whirlwind these past few months. We unexpectedly bought a condo in Kingston, Ontario. Which meant we had to sell our house. We did. So for two months we were packing, living out of boxes, and the oddest thing was that because of a long story, way too complicated to explain here, the family who bought our house (a couple with three toddlers), moved their furniture into our house two days before we moved ours out. Talk about living in a nightmare. Have any of you seen any TV programs about hoarders? Our house was jammed to the rafters!!! But Russ got his priorities straight.

Oblivious to his surroundings, the man watches telly

Oblivious to his surroundings, the man watches telly

Enough room to watch football on the tube!

We moved on December 2, did not unpack, and on December 4 drove down to Florida with Chocolat, our cat (who only speaks French by the way).
She coped rather well, Choco
and was made most comfortable in the back seat of the car.

We left Canada just in time. Those ice storms, people still without power four days later is something we just shudder about. We’re living in 30C temperatures, gloriously sunny skies, golf, beach, wine bars with friends, and so on, and so forth….

We spent Christmas in our little condo. Cornish hens on Christmas Eve, lobster thermidor on Christmas day. Most delicious.

Oh, I have to tell you. We went to a wine tasting at a rather upscale wine cellar. Tim, our friend works there when he’s not up in Ohio to escape the Florida summers. Now, all of you who know Russ, knows that he thinks all this wine tasting business is a load of BS, yak dung, baloney, hooey, etc., etc. Well! You should have seen him hob-nobbing with the best of them! “Wonderful ruby red hue, and what legs”. “An impertinent little Chablis, with notes of lime and straw. Needs a few more years to fully mature”. This? Out of the mouth of Russ? I was in stitches!!!! But… as you can see, we came away with 12 wonderful bottles we can’t wait to share with friends in about 10 years time. Wine
Please stick around till then.

Ah, and to close, I leave you with Christmas decorations in Florida. It’s almost hot enough to melt the plastic, but oh boy, do the Floridians go full out.

I spare you the photo of the palm tree at night, lit with thousands of blinking lights.
However, I will share a purple pig with wings (I think it lives in the garden full time).SONY DSC
I hope you all had Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a very happy, healthy New Year. I’ll be in touch.


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