Where has the time gone? (Second attempt)

Let’s start again – I messed up the first time!!!!

Where does time go? That’s a rhetorical question. Please do not reply with witty comments. On the other hand, maybe that will make me laugh, so go ahead.

Here’s a quick update of what’s been happening (or not). To start with, this summer in Toronto was disappointing, to say the least. It has nothing to do with time flying (I know, I know it’s the subject of this post), but heck! Two days above 30C? Wearing winter woolies in July? We’ve eaten in the back yard only twice!

However, here’s proof that summer did arrive. Russ on the bench in a t-shirt

(his favourite chair was not available at the time….)wpid-20130822_184822.jpg

We’ve played some golf (I am not getting any better, unfortunately). We’re going to Ohio next week to spend a few days with friends we met in Venice, Florida. Tim’s a wine importer, and Jane a retired teacher. They’re good fun, came to our wedding last year and we’re really looking forward to seeing them again. They spend the summers at their home in Ohio, and winters in Venice. The good life.

I was asked to go back to SNC Lavalin, and work three days a week (sometimes two, depending on my mood). It’s always fun to catch up with colleagues, and the inevitable comment is “Oh, you’re back – it must be summer!”

Then, Tennis Canada asked me back to manage the Chairman’s Lounge during the Canadian Open tennis championship. Good fun, as usual and I had my picture taken with three legends: Connors, Blake and Sampras. I’ll show you those pics in a next blog.

I’ve also been asked to assist Tennis Canada with a very big fund raiser, in aid of Milos Raonic’s foundation. He’ll be there of course, as well as many other celebrities, and Yours Truly is in charge of celebrity liaison!!!!!!!!

To top that, I get a call from the President of Tennis Canada two days ago. His assistant is moving on, and I’ve agreed to work three days a week for him until we go to Florida.

So tell me. Why is it that I’m busier now that I’ve retired, than I was when I worked? Why is it easier to find a job when I don’t really want a job? Again, these are rhetorical questions. No RSVP required.

Oh – here’s some more blah blah. Remember the story of my wedding ring? $25 on eBay from Hong Kong? The gold that flaked off? Yes, really! Well, I’ve done it again. I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my Android tablet. From China no less. Cheap cheap cheap. It arrived on time, well packed, brand new. Cheap looking (yes, really). Flimsy-like. Yep. I connect the cable to charge it and the little connector falls out. See the little silver thingy? YES!!! ThingyThe bloody thing is broken! No fuss, though. I contacted the seller and they’re sending me a replacement. Heaven knows what will happen this time round. Note to self: “Self, do NOT buy cheap stuff on eBay from China, Hong Kong and I’ll add India to the list”. Yeah, I know. You told me so…

We’ve also tried new recipes. One was a really yummy Thai beef stew with lemon grass and coconut milk. It took forever to cook, but was worth every minute. It was also great fun shopping for the ingredients in Chinatown, especially as I did not know what they looked like, and the labels were all in Chinese! Try buying Kaffir Lime leaves and Galangal when you have no idea what you’re looking for. So, here’s galangal. galangal-gingerHow was I to know it looked like ginger root? Would you have known?

OK, you see? There’s really nothing to write home about. But to all our Ozzie friends, at least you now know what happening at this end.

Thanks for reading this to the end. That’s dedication! Keep well, be happy, and see you again here soon.


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