Goodbye Australia

Well, we all knew our stay in Australia would come to an end. We’re back in Canada now, and are still in denial. Our time at Horizons in Salamander Bay was everything we had hoped for, and then more.
As a send off, during our last game of golf, the wildlife was out in full force. We saw a spectacular, and very funny kangaroo chase. When a female doesn’t want to be caught, (by two males, no less!) she certainly leads them on a merry goose chase. In and out of the bush, around and around in circles, until you didn’t know who was chasing who!! And then we saw three koalas, no less. What luck.

The drop bears were, however, nowhere to be seen. It must have been the whiff of Vegemite that put them off. For those who don’t know what a drop bear is, there’s a short, but fascinating piece written by Dr. Volker Janssen

We must have had at least 10 goodbye lunches and dinners. Here’s the one at Jo and Tom’s house, put on by the golf and mahjong ladies. wpid-20130505_232355.jpg
Russ, Tom, Rod and Brian were roped in as our waiters and actually did quite a good job, appearing miraculously when we clapped for them before disappearing discreetly till they were called upon again.

This, however, lasted only until we found them deep in conversation with empty wine glasses and beer bottles in front of them.

They were fired on the spot. This gave Russ the wonderful excuse to relax, with another glass of wine, on the patio with Jo. twinsDon’t they look like twins? Just a coincidence, I promise!

Then we had a goodbye lunch at Fran and Max’s home, and by now we were definitely starting to put on weight!. Loads of fun was had by all as usual, as you can see.

Our last and final dinner was at our home with Di and Rod, Robyn and Brian, and Lesley. A raucous and fun evening, with the Ozzies bursting into remembered television jingles about Aeroplane jello. To be experienced, I can tell you. Both the jingle and the jello!

Then it was time to leave. To pack up, lock up and go. We were both pretty choked up about that. But, the countdown has started till we return in 18 months. That’s the plan, and without a plan, nothing happens. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

ClownSo, to our friends down under, stay safe, stay well, and see you soon!


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