Our time in Australia is almost over

Oh, I’m sorry, I have been rather lazy, and not too much has happened since the last post, which is why you’ve not heard from me.

However, we’ve been dolphin watching in the bay (Nelson Bay), and we did see about 10 of them! It was a beautiful day about a month ago, and we’d been given this short cruise as a Christmas gift.
I’d say the only unfortunate thing was that the water was quite murky. Red, in fact. You see, with all the torrential rains we’ve had, the rivers emptied a lot of silt into the bay that had not yet settled, and the red colour is apparently the tannin from the tea trees in the Myall Lakes area.

We’ve also taken the ferry from Stockton to Newcastle. It only takes 5 minutes, and used to be the only way to get across the harbour before the bridge was built in the 70s. It was quite a trip down memory lane for Russ. Stockton FerryStockton born and bred, those ferry rides were part of his childhood and the only way he could get to high school! And this picture of Nobby’s is what he’d see every day, whether on the beach; or surfing and trying to catch the local sheilas’ eye; or from the ferry. It used to be about 4 meters higher (it was rounded), but was levelled so a lighthouse could be built on it.

Since the last post, I been eaten alive by sand flies (well, sort of. My lower legs, if you really want to know). Boy, did it itch. So it was anti-histamines and cortizone cream for about a week. It really worked, thank heavens. I have a friend in Canada (who shall remain nameless) who can relate to this. Two years later she still bears the scars from some of those bites!

It’s officially autumn here. I guess they don’t call it fall since the leaves don’t change colour and fall to the ground. Makes sense, doesn’t it? There’s a lot more dew on the ground in the morning, and a slight nip in the air, although during the day it’s still rather warm. But yesterday was only 19C and we had to have the heating on. Oh yes, go on, you know you want to say it. YESSSSS – we are wimps!

It’s hard to believe that in a month we’ll be back in Canada. This has become a second home to us. We’ll miss it a lot, especially the friends we’ve made, most of whom live on the resort and overlook the golf course. Fran and Max on the 2nd, just across the lake, who wave to us as we walk by.

The view of the second hole from Fran and Max's home

The view of the second hole from Fran and Max’s home

Laurie and Val on the pond between the 14th and 15th. Di and Rod, and Robyn and Brian on the 17th hole where a koala can be found in the ghost gum some days. It’s nice to have a short break with a glass of wine and nuts before we tee off again. Chris and Rob on the 18th, where we often feel like jumping into their infinity pool to cool off at the end of our round. I could go on, and on, but won’t.

Another reason we’ll miss this place are the incredible sunsets.

Sunsets apart, we’ll also miss the wildlife. You have seen the kangaroos and koalas we’ve encountered, but the bird life is also something else.

Here is Murgatroyd the Magificent, the visiting egret who stops by on Fran and Max’s garden for food, together with the local ibis and lorikeets.Lorikeet

So, we are slowly winding things down here. Finishing off the jam and peanut butter. Finishing off what’s in the freezer and pantry. Finishing off the minutes left on our cell phones and internet hotspot. But, we will soon be back in Canada, and look forward to seeing all our friends there. And, of course, Chocolat, my cat, who can’t wait to throw up hairballs in Russell’s slippers again! I’ll keep you posted….


One thought on “Our time in Australia is almost over

  1. Your blogs have been great to read, Julia ! I have really enjoyed them ! And it’s hard to believe that you guys will be back in Toronto soon ! Can it possibly be almost 7 months ? It seems from your newsletters that you’ve taken advantage of all the pleasures and sight seeing ! Great. And you will be back here just as the weather gets more summer-like ! You certainly had that planned perfectly !! Take care and enjoy your last few weeks ! Your garden, Russell’s golf courses and of course, your little furry friend will all be waiting for you !!! Love, Bet


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