More news from the land down under

We are, as usual, very busy socially. We put butterflies to shame, come to think of it. Last week there was a dinner for six at Lesley’s home. She and I roasted three ducks, served with three different sauces: Á l’orange, cherry and port, and redcurrant. Snap peas and potatoes. Followed by a lemon mousse. You should have been there! You’ll just have to believe me – no-one had their camera with them.

Hmmm, this is turning into a food blog, as we continue to eat well. The fresh seafood here is too good to pass up. Here’s a photo of seared scallops and crispy bacon bits, served on butternut squash puree, with and beans.ScallopsWe’ve also cooked Coquilles St. Jacques for dinner, although we had to do it in a casserole since we don’t have individual sea shells to serve them on. Oh well, we make do the best we can.

Crescendo I say!

Crescendo I say!

Here’s Russ conjuring up a symphony of rib-eye steak, the door stopper kind! One of them is more than enough for both of us.

We’ve just gone through another two days of torrential rain. The lakes on the golf course almost overflowed the banks, and the bunkers have turned into lakes! ShelterThe kangaroos don’t seem to mind too much, although with saw this smallish roo taking shelter from the rain under the overhang on the patio opposite our condo.

I played in a ladies golf competition today, and I CAME SECOND!!!!!! Here’s a photo of the trophy!Trophy I have to give it back, though, because we use the same trophies week after week. They’re quite tacky. The first prize is a clock in a large, greyish golf ball, that looks as though it is in desperate need of liposuction. The last prize is a clock set in the shape of the Australian continent. The ladies had to take the batteries out, though, because the tick tack was deafening.

Next Sunday we are going on a day cruise to Broughton Island, eight nautical miles north-east of Port Stephens. BroughtonThere is snorkeling (some people have even seen nurse sharks), swimming, lovely beaches to explore and weather permitting, we’ll have a great day. We’re going with Di and Rob, and Robyn and Brian. Should be fun, and I’ll let you know all about it in a next posting.

So, in the meantime, try to eat as well as we do, be happy, and keep checking in!


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