Russ and Julia win a golf tournament; wild weather; and other stuff

Well, well. It’s me again. It’s been a while, I know. Life is not always that interesting here. It can be quite humdrum, in fact. The same old kangaroos, koalas, tennis on Sundays, golf on Mondays, Mah Jongg on Tuesdays, dinners and lunches with friends etc. etc…

BUT……. Russ and I played in a small golf tournament a few days ago. Just 5 groups. We played with Barb and her husband Viv, who is about to turn 85, and OUR FOURSOME WON!!!!!! The prize? Three golf balls each. It really was good fun.

Last weekend was Australia Day, and we were meant to go to a golf tournament and fancy dress barbeque. This was cancelled because of the torrential rain and high winds that caused the devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales. And this, just after the horrific bush fires and a scorchingly hot day that broke all records (46C or 115F – and that’s not even taking humidity into the equation!). I must say that Australia is a country of extreme weather conditions and very, very resilient people. I take my hat off to them. The day after the torrential rain, we went down to Boat Harbour, one of the beaches nearby. The sea was in turmoil, and the photo doesn’t do it justice, but you would not have wanted to fall of the rocks into those waves. Rough Seas

Had the barbeque taken place, Russ was going to dress in black, attach a black beak to his head, and go as Russell the Crowe (yep. Don’t laugh). I would have gone as as a rosella (there are so many of those birds on the golf course, I’ve been collecting the feathers). Oh, did I mention that the theme was Iconic Australians? We even heard that one of the guests was going to dress up as a funnel web spider (very poisonous) on a toilet seat. You have to love their sense of humour! In England there would have been a Florence Nightingale or Queen Elizabeth I. In Switzerland, a William Tell. In Australia it’s spiders, jars of Vegemite and crow(e)s. For those who don’t know what Vegemite is, it is delicious. Concentrated vegetable paste, black as tar, strong enough to clear your nostrils, and you spread it on toast. Yum!

We’ve adopted two local boys. Well, actually, we’ve become the local drinking hole for Dennis and Emile. They play golf every single day after work, and many weeks ago, when we saw them trudging up past our house after 18 holes, we invited them over for a beer. Now, they stop here almost every evening for a beer or two, and we’ve also started to feed them! Here they are, eating a slice of Russ’s home-made pizza.

The Boyz

The Boyz

They’re Croatian, bricklayers, brothers, and a whole lot of fun! Sometimes they knock on the door as they’re about to tee off, and we join them for a round.

Discovery of wildlife continues. Just yesterday, as I was about to hang the laundry on the clothes-horse to dry in the sun on the side of the patio, we were visited by this three-foot long goanna. SONY DSC

And yes, I am wearing sunscreen

Cute little bugger, isn’t he? He hung about for a while, then scuttled off. Good thing I had the screen doors shut, or it might have been fun and games in the living room!!!!!

So, apart from 2 meter-long snakes seen on the course, warnings of ticks (and I found one on Russell’s golf shorts), summer flies and swarms of mosquitoes, life is good.

I started with the humdrum, and I’ll end with it too – I have to sign off and do the housework. I’ll catch up with all of you again soon!


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