You can’t be here, with all the fantastic fruit grown locally, and not make smoothies. We have one most mornings with breakfast.
A bit of milk, yoghurt and then fruit galore all thrown into the blender with a few ice cubes to chill the beverage.
We’ve tried pawpaw/mango/passionfruit/strawberry. Heaven.
We’ve loved the pineapple/pawpaw/cherry. Paradise.
We’ve yet to invent one with kiwi fruit. Can’t wait. Would that be Nirvana? And how about a plain banana and blueberry? The possibilities are endless.
Oh – for the North Americans who read this blog, pawpaw is actually papaya. A fruit by any other name……..

On Tuesday January 8 the temperature rose to 41C (106F). This was rather warm, to say the least(!!!) and the only comfortable, and rather sensible thing to do was stay inside air-conditioned places. None of this “mad dogs and Englishmen in the midday sun” nonsense for us! We also ate a very appropriate meal for the heat. While I was playing Mah Jong with the ladies (I even won a game), Russ whipped up a Vichyssoise (chilled potato and leek soup). Really, really delicious.

That was followed by a platter of tomato and bocconcini cheese, cold meats, salad, and scrumpy cripsy bread. Oh, and wine, of course….

Australia Day is on Jan 26, and that weekend we’ll be playing in the golf tournament on the Horizons golf course. We have to dress up as iconic Australians for the occasion. Apparently it’s quite a riot and members also go to great lengths to disguise their golf carts! Russ has already decided what he will wear. This will be a surprise in a next blog. I am still deciding what to go as. I could go as Blinky Bill but I might just melt in the heat. image I could go as a gum nut baby, (either Snugglepie or Cuddlepot), but I can’t see myself walking around in a tight flesh-coloured body suit (or naked for that matter) with a gum nut cap on, although it might be more comfortable than the koala costume. image
Hhmmm, I will have to give this serious thought.

At the moment, the schools are closed for the summer holidays, and the whole area is flooded with tourists. We are waiting till they have left by the end of January before going to the beach (we like them with no-one on them!). We’ll also be going on a dolphin-watching cruise in the bay in February. We were given this as a Christmas gift, and it should be real fun. We’re still planning to go fishing, and this area is world-famous among the marlin fishermen. Perhaps we’ll get to see one. So you see, there will be plenty of updates to come.

Okey-dokey, that’s it for the time being. Must do the laundry. Yes, even here there is some hum-drum stuff that happens…… And I must do all the chores before Saturday, since I won’t be going out. It’s going to hit the 40s again. Yikes!


2 thoughts on “Smoothies

  1. Hi: I am a little concerned about the rather warm weather you, and soon, I, will be having! However, looking forward to my trip. It’ll probably take me a few days to adjust to it all, but will be well worth it. You are certainly having a fabulous time – am so happy for you and Russell. Love your blogs. Think I sent you pics of my recent trip to New YorkCity? Sending you both love, Helen xo

  2. Hi Helen! The weather should cool down. It doesn’t stay this hot for too many days at a time (they’ve actually forecast 45C today for Sydney. Yikes indeed). And yes, the pics of New York and your new mantel were just fabulous. I should hire you as my official blog photographer!!!! See you soon.

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