2012 in retrospect

Before it’s too late, I need to get this posted.

2012 was so crammed with events, that I had to sit back, think about all that happened, and appreciate the things that make us so fortunate.
I guess one of the first stepping-stones to being happy is being healthy, and Russell and I most certainly are. We were able to travel, and in 2012 added John and Sue in Georgia to our wonderful circle of friends.
We were also able to fulfill Russ’s long-dreamt-of bucket list item. Six months in the most beautiful part of the world: Port Stephens, New South Wales. Here, we have met Fran and Max, and Diana (Di) and Rob. The circle of friends gets bigger.
And, of course, in August we got married. What a great party we had, with the best friends we have. Even my sister, Diana, joined via Skype from Switzerland. Unfortunately we were not able to link my friend Linda in as well. The technology god was only half awake that day.
I could go on and on, but all I really want to say is how privileged and how lucky we have been.

Now for the fun stuff…..
Russ made a delicious shrimp bisque as a starter for New Year’s Eve. It was even better than it looks. And thank you Di for coming to the rescue and lending us your blender when we realized the food processor just wasn’t up to the task. That saved the day (and our marriage……!!!). Russ also made blackened snapper with a mouth-watering creole sauce. I was so eager to eat it that I forgot to take a photo!

We spent a quiet evening after dinner, watching Midsomer Murder and other thrilling British stuff on telly. Yep, the Aussies do like their Brit-coms. Ab Fab, Keeping up Appearances, etc., etc.

What else? Oh yes! My friend Di is teaching me to play Mah Jongg (the American version). imagesIt’s really good fun and will be very useful in the future, as my friends Jean and Jane play it in Florida, so when we’re there next winter I’ll be able to join in! And, if you’ve never heard anyone playing it before, please don’t think you’ve stumbled into an opium den when you hear things like Two Bam, Eight Crak, Green Dragon. ‘Tis the lingo of the game.

I finally have an official golf handicap. The worst possible: 45. On the bright side of things, it can only improve. Or?

This is a short blog, as we’re off the Fran and Max’s to have the traditional brunch after tennis. What a social life we lead!

So goodbye, till next blog, from sunny, warm (dare I say hot?) Salamander Bay! Happy New Year!


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