Christmas Down Under

I have to admit it. The Australians sure do have a sense of humour, and Christmas is yet one more occasion for them to show their creative side. Here is but a small overview of what we saw in one day, just driving around.

OopsWe start with Santa’s adventure. I suspect he’d had a few to drink before tumbling down the chimney. Poor fellow.

This obviously required a quick trip the the laundromat to get cleaned up, and to our astonishment Santa is shyer than commonly thought (especially with his clothes off).

I'm too busy at this time of year to give autographs.

I’m too busy at this time of year to give autographs.

We believe this is him imitating an ostrich and trying to avoid the paparazzi.

We continued our drive down the Country Road (singing the John Denver song of the same name at the top of our voices).

And, when you think you’ve seen it all, out pops Cousin Itt looking rather dapper, wouldn’t you say? It’s an epiphyte (a plant that gets its moisture and nutrients from the air and usually grows on another plant for support – that’s an explanation for the nerds who might stumble onto this blog by accident). Cousin IttWe actually spoke to the lady of the house (no, not Morticia), who invited us to visit at night, when their whole garden is lit up, and big blow-up Santas and reindeer glow in the dark. Needless to say we did not go back, especially after seeing this garden on the same street with zombie Santas. Let's partyHalloween, Christmas and god knows what all rolled into one!! At this point in time we stopped singing and started listening out for dueling banjos!!!

Finally, to rival with any plastic pink flamingos and garden gnomes, here is a front lawn full of indigenous people. Let's party!They apparently adorn the garden year round, and dress especially for the occasion in December. I suspect the Australian flag is in case any UFO’s get lost and need some sort of indication where they might be! Humble apologies to my discerning Australian friends, to whom I promised not to show something as tacky as this. I just had to share.

We spent a quiet Christmas with Harvey and Diana. Delicious prawns (they don’t call them shrimp here), chicken and ham. Salads, too, and I made another challah bread to go with the lunch. Now we diet. Oh, remind me to tell you about the local stand-up pub. It’s too long to go into now, but it’s an illegal drinking spot right behind the bottle shop (liquor store) not far from where we stayed at Christmas. You won’t believe the locals who frequent this place. The stuff of another blog, for sure. The guys have given me permission to photograph them – I just hope they’ll remember it – they were rather, uuhhmmm, plastered at the time!

Happy New Year!


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