Signs of Australia

True to my word, I told you in the last blog I would title this one “Signs of Australia“, and here we are.

Now, you are probably thinking: “What the heck does the woman mean? Yes, we’ve seen jars of Vegemite in the grocery store, and yes, Ugg and Blundstone boots are available all over the world, so what’s the big deal? There are signs of the encroaching Aussie culture all around us!”.

With all due respect, you are on the wrong track. This is about signs we see on the side of the road.

Chook PooThere’s this one, on the road to Newcastle, and I bet you can’t guess that the owners have a chicken farm!

And this is one I took especially for my British friends, who will get a double chuckle out of it- I sure did!Tosser!

Since the last blog, we’ve bought a brand new barbeque at the local tip (recycle centre) for $5.00, and a deck chair (not new) for $3.00. Russ appropriated the deck chair immediately, as you can see. SONY DSCHe also, don’t laugh, developed an allergy to the laundry detergent I was using, and broke out in hives all over. He was mottled, blotchy (motchy, if you blend the two), and really tetchy and itchy. He’s better now, and although I asked for permission to take a photo for the blog and for scientific research, he staunchly refused, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

We’ve had people over for dinner, played more tennis, had a golf lesson each, and we are planning a picnic on the beach when it’s not too windy, nor too hot. We’ll probably to go this popular and very beautiful beach with a sign that makes one feel warm, fuzzy and welcome!Snakes alive
It’s going to be overcast for the next few days, so the beach (and snakes) will have to wait.

Oh, to end this on a mouthwatering note, here’s a picture of the challah bread I made today, and it is as delicious as it looks.Challah

I will probably not update this before Christmas, so have a happy one! For those in the northern hemisphere, keep warm, and for the rest of you, don’t forget your sunscreen.


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