Another week’s gone by….

Well, we’ve been busy social butterflies down under.

Sunday mornings it’s “tennis anyone?” at 8am, followed by coffee at Fran and Max’s home. Well, coffee, cake, fruit, scones, etc., etc., etc. Remember Max? I’ll have to write more about him. He’s the one who plays the didgeridoo. He also used to be in the coffee business, and is the best barista, bar none. (What didgeridoos and coffee have in common is beyond me, but Max seems to cope quite well).

Monday mornings it’s golf at 8am, followed by coffee…… You get the picture.

We also got invited to a goodbye lunch for a young American expat couple, Rhoda and Bruce, who move back to Seattle at the end of November. They’re the youngest ones in this photo! And here you’ll see Fran and Max in the background – what wonderful hosts.

Our social life is a whirlwind, enough to make one stand on one’s head, but correct me if I’m wrong, I think we are already upside-down here, aren’t we?


So, you’ve got the gist of things – we’re not wasting any time. It’s up early in the morning for our first view of the golf course and front yard, viz. the first tee. And, it’s also feeding time for the birds. This cheeky butcher bird did not even wait for Russell to share, just reached out and snatched the toast right out of his hand.

Well, I was hungry!

And the kangaroos just nibble on the grass, before going to rest in the heat of the day. Elsewhere in the world, people pick up dog droppings. Here, we avoid treading on roo poo, which, given the number of the beasts on the golf course, is plentiful.

Here kitty, kitty…..

We’ve also been experimenting with new recipes. (Hmm, no natural segue into this subject, was there? Oh well, bon apétit nonetheless!). Watermelon gazpacho (delicious), African peanut chicken stew (scrumptious), crab, avocado and crab salad with a citrus dressing (are you drooling yet?). I intentionally left the photos out. My aim is to inform you, not to find you knocking at my front door begging me to feed you. I must say, the fruit and veggies here are just packed with flavour. It’s heaven to eat a tomato that doesn’t taste like cardboard. And the mangoes? I’m in paradise.

Next week I’m going to attempt to make homemade bread. A challah (braided egg bread), I think, since it looks easy. I’ll let you know! Keep smiling, and keep checking in.


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