The first days in the land Down Under

Well, after a 15 hour flight from Vancouver to Sydney, cooped up in a small metal cylinder, 35,000ft above the ground, in seats that recline about an inch so you get the impression you are in bed (not,,,,,), we arrived on Thursday morning. We left Toronto on Tuesday evening. We lost Wednesday and I suppose we’re never getting it back!

Customs and Immigration was a breeze, and we stepped out of the airport to 37C (98.6F) and brilliant sunshine. Oh yes! You don’t hear any complaints from me.

It has taken two days to fully adapt to the 16 hour time difference and we are now fully in the Oz mode. Here’s a picture from the front deck taken at breakfast this morning. We’re staying with Diana and Harvey for the first 10 days before taking possession of our condo.

Diana breeds Cavalier King Charles spaniels. She has 12 of them at the moment. Look how cute they are.

You should see them at feeding time. They all have their own bowls and eat from exactly the same spot every day. Do NOT get their bowls mixed up. They do not like that. And they get fed in the same order every day. Oh – so their ears don’t droop in the food and get dirty, they all wear little hats to cover their ears…… Yep! In fact, it’s not the dirty ears that are the real problem, it’s that if the ears get food on them, the other dogs chew them to bits!!!


Since we travel with all our electronic gadgets, (2 laptops, a Samsung tablet, a Kindle and a wireless, Bluetooth speaker) it was ESSENTIAL to get hooked up to a wireless network as soon as possible. This we did yesterday. It’s a wireless dongle, our own Hotspot, and we can take it with us all through Australia and never miss a beat. I can tell you, the first 18 hours being cut off from email, blog, Facebook and my scrabble games was hard to bear. Talk about withdrawal!!!!

Sooooooo, more to follow. I have to tell you about the birds here. They chirp with a different accent. That will be the next blog. Keep checking in.


3 thoughts on “The first days in the land Down Under

  1. Just thinking – probably takes longer to put on the scarf’s as it takes to feed them 🙂 LOL…how totally cute. PS – Do they understand French …….

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