Off to Australia for six months…..

Well, here we go again.

Before I get into the travel bit, I have a bit of news. Russell and I got married this summer in our garden with about 28 of our friends present. What a wonderful day and a wonderful party.

This time, to escape the Canadian winter, we are going to Australia. A wonderful place called Port Stephens, about 2 hours north of Sydney. We leave in 4 days time, not that we’re counting.

Russ has been packed for three weeks (he actually packed, then re-packed, and then did it all over again!). Chocolat has not been impressed with all this, and has felt mightily disturbed.

Let me sleep, please!

To show her displeasure, she drops her “dead” mouse toys in his slippers. (And yes, we realize from this photo that a new pair of slippers is badly needed!!!).

I’ll show you!

So, we are madly checking things off our to-do list. Parking permits for the cars we leave behind? Check. Stop newspaper delivery? Check. Absent owners form to the vet authorizing Kelley to bill my credit card for any vet bills? Check. (Oh – in case you don’t know, Kelley is our good friend who lives in the house with Chocolat whenever we’re away)  Anyhow, this loooong list of things to do is getting shorter, and we see light at the end of the tunnel. Actually, that light might just be the sun rising over Sydney! I’ll let you know in another blog. Keep checking in!!!!!


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