Georgia marshes

We’ve been here, just outside Darien, Georgia for a week now. What a hidden gem, about 60 miles south of Savannah, on the coast. We rented a little cottage on John and Sue Korrow’s property (more about Sue and John later). We’re surrounded by trees dripping with Spanish moss, and the only sound we hear is the sound of nature; the wind, the leaves and the birds. At night the silence is complete, and sleep is easy.

We’re located right on the salt marshes, and we’ve been lucky to be here during full moon, which means the marshes are flooded twice a day with the high tide.When the tide goes out, you can walk out for miles, and when the tide is in, you can go kayaking! Look at Russell, battling the current  and the wind and having a whale of a time! (Although I understand it’s only dolphins that swim the river – pardon the pun).

Now, to John and Sue. You won’t believe this couple. Their property is called the Oaks of Eden, and has been left as much as possible as nature intended. It’s amazing. John is an organic gardener, and never fails to ply you with fresh salad, and other vegetables or fruit that happen to be in season and in his garden. Sue opens their home to you, never fails to offer a glass of wine, and we’ve been made to feel like family. And, I’ve kept the best for last. The star of the show is Luna. The most amazing cross between a husky and a golden lab. The friendliest, cuddliest most incredible dog with the most beautiful husky-blue eyes. She even comes to visit us in our little cottage! See – she’s saying hello!

There will be more, but for the moment I’m going to sit on the porch and drink in the surroundings (and a glass of wine!). Cheers!


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