Technology rules….

We’re here in Hallandale Beach (east coast of Florida) for a month. We’re staying at Karen and Dan’s condo, taking care of their little Lhasa Apso. He really is no trouble, and you can see why – he’s a real cutie, and knows it too!

Life is different here than it was in Englewood, on the Gulf coast. There is much more traffic, there are hundreds of high rise condo buildings, many more people and, of course, shopping malls big enough to get lost in for at least a week before you find your way out, but funnily enough there is far less to do. Like Bruce Springsteen’s song “57 channels and nothing on”.

The weather has been quite unsettled. too. Although is hot and humid, it’s cloudy and drizzles quite a bit. Apparently it will clear up in the next few days and we will see the sun again.That would be a good thing!

I’ve also been busy updating my Twitter account, following a number of people who are now following me (which means I have to post tweets, I guess!), and I’ve also joined Pinterest, which means I have to pin things to clipboards on the internet, follow people, and get people to think I’m interesting enough to be followed. Oh boy – this is more time consuming than having real friends! And of course, I also have to update this blog from time to time. However did I ever find the time to work full time!

Anyway, keep checking in, there will be updates. And please, feel free to stalk me on the internet!
Keep well till we cyber-connect again!


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