Oops – we’ve been busy

Ok, so I haven’t updated this for a while. We’ve been busy.
The weather has really cooperated for the past two months, so we’ve been on the golf course a lot. Look at these photos: Birds (2 plus me, I mean), and WOW – me and an alligator. Who needs to go to Africa for a safari, I ask.

We’ve also been out and about. Our last evening in Englewood was spent in a Tiki Bar, listening to Sam playing his guitar. You’ve got to hear him play – he’s great. And here he is, and his wife Barbara. You have to meet her too! (Oh – they might be gatecrashing our wedding in Toronto in August – wouldn’t that be fun! In fact, Dutch and Jean, as well as Tim and Jane who all live in Venice (Florida) might be gatecrashing as well – what a hoot!!!)

Then, down here in Florida, I discovered the best, and fail-safe diet. Take a look at the size of this hamburger. One look, and it puts you off food for 6 months – enough to lose those extra kilos, guaranteed!

So, goodbye Englewood, and all our friends there. We are now in Hallandale for a month, taking care of Willie while Karen and Dan are on vacation. Here’s Willie, and here’s the view from the condo. Nice.

We’ll be visiting the pool, playing tennis and golfing. Do I hear a “Ho, hum…..What’s new?”
Stay tuned – I’m sure there will be updates again soon!


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