2 days to Christmas 2011

December 23 – two days to Christmas. The weather has been perfect since we arrived. One evening of rain, otherwise blue skies and 27C. You don’t see me complaining!
We’ve been eating a lot of seafood and fish. All fresh, as the Gulf Coast is renowned for fishing – remember BP’s Deepwater oil spill and how it affected the fisherman here? Well, there is no sign of any pollution in the ocean, and the fish taste like fish (and not like petrol), so I suppose all is well in seaworld.

We’ve been playing loads of golf. Here’s a picture of me in my snazzy golf outfit, playing yesterday. Yeah, I’ve put on a bit of weight (thanks to the pain medication that is having that effect on me, but who cares…). Oh – and we saw THREE alligators in the ponds that line the golf course. Next time I’ll try to take a photo! There is one downside to playing a lot of golf in the sunshine. My legs are beautifully tanned from just above the knees to just above my ankles. In a swimsuit is looks very, very odd indeed.

Here as well, is a photo of what one could call the suicide swing. I’d not want to rock back and forth too strongly….. Only in the USA!

For Christmas dinner tomorrow, we are having Cornish Hens (in French, poulets de cornouailles – I think). Small chicken-like birds. Very tasty. Russ will roast one with a sage butter sauce, I will cook the other with with a stuffing of apricot, almonds and couscous. Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes and maybe glazed carrots as veggies. Ah – my mouth is watering already! You are welcome to join us!

So, from sunny Englewood in Florida, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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