Already one week in Englewood

We’ve been in the condo for a week now. The weather has been fabulous, around 27C, although today is cooler and quite windy. We’ve been playing golf quite a bit, and I’ve also signed up for a few golf lessons at one of the local golf courses. The woman who teaches me used to play on the ladies’ professional golf tour, so is very good, and I’m enjoying it immensely.
We played on a golf course on Tuesday that had signs warning us about alligators and water moccasins (snakes). However, we didn’t see any this time round! But you can be sure if your ball ends up in the water, you do NOT go in to find it!
We’ve also caught up with a few friends we made last year. Every Tuesday evening we meet up at a wine bar in Venice (about 20 minutes north of where we stay). It’s great fun – and we’re always meeting new people. The principle is simple – you go to the bar and buy a bottle of wine. This allows you to have 4 glasses of wine, and since all the bottles are opened, you get to taste other people’s wines as well.
We’ve also bought two rusty old bikes. No gears, and the brakes are pedal brakes. In case we ever go to rural France, Russ is practicing to look French with the beret (baseball cap) and the baguette. (Don’t laugh)

We had a delicious home-made meal of freshly caught Florida Gulf shrimp last night. The seafood here is great, and of course, very fresh. Absolutely scrumptious! And on the front porch, watching the sun set with a glass of wine to start with, life IS GOOD!
Till next time…..


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