The journey to Englewood

It was a long trip to Englewood, but we made it! We started out from Toronto on Tuesday morning at 08:30. Of course, we got stuck in the normal peak hour traffic in the city, and it took an hour before we were really on our way. The weather? POURING with rain. The heaviest day of rainfall this year. This is typical of the luck Russ has when on a journey (although he does have great luck finding parking spots). We did about 10 hours driving – about 1,200 kilometers, and made it to Wytheville, Virginia where we spent the night. Oh – did I mention that going over the Appalachian Mountains we had a snow squall for about 20 minutes – thick, heavy snow that we thought might last a lot longer? This brought back memories of last year, when we were hit by the terrific snow storm that paralyzed the Eastern Seaboard on Boxing day. Shudder.

The second day driving was easy – only about 7 hours till we got to Jacksonville, Florida. The most interesting thing about this trip was watching the seasons go backwards! It was still winter in Viriginia, but as we drove south, we got into landscape where the trees were just starting to turn to autumn colours. Then, we got into warmer temperatures- palm trees and oaks with Spanish moss dripping from them! The worst of this leg of the trip was seeing so many dead deer on the side of the road, killed by cars and trucks. Very sad.

We drove past Savannah, Georgia, and stopped at the little place we will stay at for three weeks in March. Quite unique – what do you think? Cute?

Day 3 – Jacksonville to Englewood. How exciting to see the temperature rise the further south we got. When it finally hit 20C we cheered! Bring on the heat.

We finally arrived at the condo. It was like coming home – we know the streets, the stores, the pubs (of course), and were also remembered by by the people who live in the building, who greeted us like long-lost friends. The best thing yesterday? Eating at home. I guarantee that the food in restaurants close to the highways is not very good (not that American food in general is gourmet cuisine). Russ always says the Americans eat batter fried in batter, with a side dish of deep-fried batter instead of salad!! Oh – don’t forget the french fries and 2 litre bottle of Coke to go with it!

I’ll blog again soon.


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