Florida 2011

So – I thought I’d create a blog so my friends could get updates on what we do in sunny Florida during the Canadian winter.
We leave in three weeks. Before we start on the trip, though, there is all the preparation: getting the house tidy and clean for Kelley, our friend/house-sitter/cat-sitter; making space for her stuff in the closets, making sure we leave no dirty laundry behind. Stocking up on cat food and cat litter and cat treats (most important). Thank heavens we don’t have to empty the fridge! Oh – I mustn’t forget the garden – raking up piles and piles of leaves, pruning some bushes, covering up the garden furniture, and then cleaning out the eaves troughs.
Then, about 10 days before we leave, we start checking on the long-range weather forecast to plot our route. We don’t want to be driving through snow storms (which we did last year!).
Then, there’s the car to pack. This year, on top of the clothes, there are TWO set of golf clubs. I hope we’ll have room for the TV set we want to buy down there (prices are so much cheaper than in Canada).
Well, this was a first attempt to let you be the armchair traveler. More to follow as the date approaches!


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